Life is wonderful

It has been a wonderful life and I’m grateful to God for all the blessings I’m fortunate to enjoy all these years. I would like to share the wonderful discovery of healthy living with my readers.  Since February 2017, I have decided to eliminate sugar and reduce carbohydrates intake in my diet.  In the first…

DIY 100% Dark Chocolate

DIY 100% Dark Chocolate…It’s simple and easy to do. You make your own rules! You can decide the amount of ingredients to use.

Giving is Joy

The first time Joy got her sense of smell and taste back, she cried. She was so happy. 

Joy’s Tribute to SMA Batch ‘81

I am very thankful to my Batch ‘81 friends. Despite everything, we always have remained loyal to each other. We might not be fully aware but we have the heart of Mary and the values of Venerable St. Ignacia who easily forgives and forgets.

Nature provides…

As I was looking at fresh vegetables at All Fresh, my favorite fruit store in Jakarta, I overheard two women talking about their health issues. My curiosity was piqued by what one of them was saying, “It’s a good thing you told me so I don’t have to buy that —- which costs a lot.”…

A life for others is the way to happiness

I started writing this article a year ago, and planned to upload this article to commemorate the birthday of my grandfather, Dr. Apolonio Samson Baytion, who was born on 24 April 1898.

Mitigating the Risk of the Spread of COVID-19 with Local Spices & VCO

We are not powerless in facing COVID-19. We can boost our immune system by incorporating local spices and virgin coconut oil in our diet; reduce intake of carbohydrates and sugar; eat healthy food and be physically active; get positive vibes from our loving family and friends; enjoy our work and get enough sleep; and most of all be happy by worrying less.

‘Tis the Season of HOPE & JOY

Carolyn: Christmas came early to Joy with her 55th Surprise Birthday Celebration by SMA Batch ‘81 Joy: It was a great surprise birthday celebration.  I feel the love from all of you. The joy is overflowing… hehehe my knees were shaking for a while, Car.  Johnson was persistent in asking me what my plans were for…

How do you live your life to the fullest – Part IV

There is no such thing as too late when it comes to taking care of yourself! Lessons from Ma. Rita Joy Pastor Rubillos in PICTURES   Cooking and eating healthy food   Having lunch out with good company – classmates, family, and Grail friends Doing good – Visiting parents of our classmates and serving as Godparents…

How do you live your life to the fullest? Part III

June 23, 2019 It’s been weeks now that Joy and I have been emailing each other. She also sent me two poems which surprised me because I never thought of Joy as being poetic. When I asked her why she wrote the first poem, she told me that that day she woke up crying; she…