How do you live your life to the fullest – Part IV

There is no such thing as too late when it comes to taking care of yourself!

Lessons from Ma. Rita Joy Pastor Rubillos in PICTURES


Cooking and eating healthy food


Having lunch out with good company – classmates, family, and Grail friends

Doing good – Visiting parents of our classmates and serving as Godparents with hubby

Writing poems while waiting for hospital/doctor’s appointment in Cebu

On 26 Jun 2019, at 22.33, Ma. Rita Joy Rubillos <> wrote:


Storms come and go
Struggles and worries, too.
The wind continues to blow
until life is threatened  
And, fears are felt inside.
You agonize and your body weakens
But, the Spirit still has to fight.
Faith is strengthened.
Carry on, carry on
life could fly anytime.
Get ready,
celebrate life intensely.
Mingle, share and have fun
Be happy,
to God be the glory.


Celebrating 18th Wedding Anniversary!

And Hellen Joy’s touching gift to her parents is: Posted Facebook 18th Anniversary greetings from Hellen Joy.

Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary dear parents.!  I love you so much and no words can express how blessed I am to have you.  Life may give us lemon but both of you work hard to make the best lemonade. Cheers to 18 years of love in this lifetime and 109 more for the next.  I love you.
Joy: I was so touched, Car
Emailed on 1 July 2019

Going to the parlor and having a haircut – sorry no picture!

Seeing a movie with husband and daughter – sorry no picture again!

And finally, doing something that I love the most, PAINTING!

Featured image  (dated 18 July 2019) :  Joy’s first attempt at painting with cray pas, a gift from Pinky, after having not done any art work for some time now.

PS.  JOY: I just want to add this painting which I made during my chemo last Febuary 2017.  I will give it to Bess.   Bess is my childhood friend since kindergarten to College. So blessed to have friends for a lifetime.



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