‘Tis the Season of HOPE & JOY

Carolyn: Christmas came early to Joy with her 55th Surprise Birthday Celebration by SMA Batch ‘81

joy at 55

Joy: It was a great surprise birthday celebration.  I feel the love from all of you. The joy is overflowing… hehehe my knees were shaking for a while, Car.  Johnson was persistent in asking me what my plans were for my birthday.  And I told him that I will just lie down on my bed after attending Sunday mass. I told Brenda the night before that I have no plans to celebrate my birthday with a grand party… I will just contribute to our Batch 81 Christmas party.

Rowena sent me a message that the blouse she gave me for my birthday present has arrived and that I should dye my hair. I told her that I will just do it a week later together with my daughter, Hellen Joy, when she comes home to Dipolog. It’s a good thing I followed her advice otherwise I will look like 56 instead of my real age which is 55!


And then they came. First, was the birthday cake from Cutie. Hehehe, I was worried who will eat the cake although I was so happy to receive it. Tita commented in the messenger that even if it’s just cake and coffee, it’s already a party…then I was quiet. Gina greeted me and asked whether I’m in Dipolog. I didn’t answer anymore because I just wanted to lie down…hehehe to cut the story short… I have forgotten that I was missing Hellen. And my diet. My sister-in-law told me that I was smiling the whole time. Actually, I didn’t know what to do. Johnson was the one busy and I was just sitting down. I was not able to eat any of the food that our classmates brought…maybe a pinch of the skin of the roasted pig. It’s not because I didn’t like to eat or that I was not allowed to eat it… maybe because I was overwhelmed with joy. Hehehe, as if my happiness has reached the sky.


joy and johnson

You see, I am so blessed with loving family, relatives and friends. And, it gave me more strength and hope.   Life may sometimes be hard on me but with the love that I got, it remains beautiful.  Full of hope.  Holding on to that belief that God will always be there.  That’s it…fighting!   Thanks for being there for me, Car and Batch 81 in my journey.  May God be with us always.  Forever Friends.

PS:  I hope that they are really convinced. They told me that they will join me in my smoothie business along with the ticketing. Red beets, coconut, carrots and banana or spinach apple and banana or carrot cucumber and Johnson’s soursop.  At first, they were hesitant to try it but after tasting my smoothies, they liked it. Hehehe, I don’t know, I hope they will stop drinking soft drinks. So, everyone will be on their way to wellness.

Take care and stay healthy and happy always.

Carolyn:  Joy is thankful to Lea for the decoration and everyone who contributed to her surprise birthday party and I would like to apologize if I omitted some names. Thank you to Aimee and Dinah for sharing with me the pictures taken during the event. You may share some more pictures and add to this story if you want to…

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to everyone!

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