How do you live your life to the fullest? Part II

A Journey of Love and Hope

 By Ma. Rita Joy Pastor Rubillos

[Carolyn’s note: Joy is now undergoing a biopsy test. While waiting for the processing of her admission to the UST hospital which took five hours, she wrote this letter of thanks. Her latest treatment is funded by the “Fight the Big C with Joy” FB group and she repeatedly expresses her thanks below.]


“In the worst scenario, we could still encounter and experience the goodness of people. We meet good Samaritans in our daily lives and at some point, we also become good Samaritans to others.I thought I will be alone with the Big C. Scared, weary and insecure.  But, this is just a temporary feeling of suffering and sadness that lightens up when good Samaritans come along. Samaritans help the wounded man. And, the neighbor who shows mercy is the Samaritan.

“I just would like to acknowledge the goodness of my relatives, friends, Grail sisters, batch mates and schoolmates in elementary, high school and college who have never left me in this battle. Being good Samaritans, you all helped me a lot in my healing process.  May God be with you always. Daghang salamat. Many thanks.

“To be specific I received inspiring messages, advices, material gifts, food, spiritual, moral and financial support from all of you. You have the courage to care and go out of your comfort zones to reach out to me. It has been overwhelming. Salamat kaayo. Thank you so much.”


[Carolyn: Early this morning while I was still asleep, she wrote a prayer while waiting for her operation which was scheduled at 10:00 a.m. And despite the situation she is in, Joy still thinks of other people who needed her prayers.]



“Thank you Lord for this new day.  I praise you and I love you.  Now, I am offering myself to you.

“Forgive me for all my all my sins and the things I have not done for you. Forgive me.  Have mercy on me.

“And, I also would like to offer my special intentions for everybody, especially those who are in trouble, sick and dying.  May they find comfort and care in your love, Lord.

“For my family, relatives and friends please watch over them.  Give them more strength as they do their daily tasks.

“For  all doctors, nurses and hospital staff that they will be guided in doing their work.

“For  all my loved ones who have departed and those who have not been remembered, eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.  May they rest in peace. Amen.

“I am now ready to accept your plan for me. Thy will be done.  Let your Holy Spirit be upon me and bless me as I go to the operating room today.  Calm my body and my soul.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

 “And, I would like to include my special intention for Ma’am Mauring [mother of our classmate Aimee], heal now her sickness and protect her from all danger. And for my friend Aimee and her brother Noel who are taking care of their mother, give them more strength and guidance.

“Bless them all, O Lord. Amen.”

[Carolyn: Joy’s message to me today at 5:14 a.m. was that she was so happy that a nun came to her room and gave her communion. She wrote, “Now, I am completely ready.”

We thank Joy for bringing us inspiration as she bravely carries on through her pain and suffering. We hope and pray that she will continue to share her stories as we journey with her in this phase of her life. For now, we find comfort in and feel a deep gratitude for the support shown to her from all over the world.]

Written on 5 June 2019

For those who have just visited this site, you may also read Joy’s story at this link:



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  1. Aimee Gonzales says:

    Really inspiring Carolyn and Joy. Such a great idea to write about Joy’s fight with the big C. If there is one takeaway for me on how to live life to the fullest from the write ups so far, it is that Joy has taught me what being brave, kind and generous should be and that living life to the fullest means always striving to be better than what I think I am capable of… always pushing the envelope and living a conscious and engaged life caring and sharing for others….

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