Are you healthier just because you’re married?

What do writers give their significant others on their wedding anniversary?

If you wondered, “An article?” then yes, you are right!

And this is one such article.

My husband and I got married 26 years ago after going steady for two years. Our story is nothing extraordinary. What makes it “remarkable”, in my opinion, is that we got married on United Nations Day. During my elementary and high school years, it was the day when we had a parade of flags of countries from all over the world. Way back there were only around 152 countries—now there are 193!

Without taking into consideration the significance of the date, we chose to get married on that day because it was a Saturday and a convenient time for family, relatives, and friends to be present. My friend Joy, who was assigned to decorate the wedding cake, filled it with small Indonesian and Philippine paper flags. The dolls were dressed accordingly, too: the groom was in Indonesian garb, complete with a peci, while the bride was in Maria Clara dress.


Looking back through the years, I realized the significance of that date. We have now another reason to celebrate United Nations Day through our interracial marriage. I’m thankful to my husband for helping me raise two caring boys who are open to other people’s differences. Although they still can’t bear the smell of vinegar, they are willing to eat food from different countries. We encourage one another to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. This might be the reason which made me believe that being married keeps me healthy.

But don’t take my word for it. There are many studies supporting the claim that marriage is good for your health, though being single has its healthful advantages too. Whatever your side of the issue may be, I would like to share with you a Reader’s Digest (a family-oriented reading material, our love for which has been inherited from my father) article on “10-Little Known Ways Marriage Affects Your Health”.

Hope you all enjoy my way of greeting you a Happy United Nations Day! May our differences help us to understand each other better and live peacefully.

Happy Anniversary, Mas. Thank you for all the wonderful years, both challenging and sweet.

This post is dedicated to my niece, Felicia. She reminded me that I have not written a blog post for a while. May she be happy with whatever choices she makes in her life.

Featured image credit: UN Website

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  1. Joy Rubillos says:

    I’m so happy to have been a part of one of your special days. It’s simple, unique and happy moment. Happy anniversary. God bless you more.


    1. Thanks, Joy! May God bless you and your family too.


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