A Salad Dressing that’s Healthier for You and the Indonesian Rupiah

It’s been awhile since I promised you that I will share a salad dressing recipe here. Since then I have had a chance to alter the recipe a bit. Instead of the more expensive imported ingredients, such as olive oil, I tried and now use virgin coconut oil (VCO).

Aside from olive oil, the original recipe also called for thyme. Since thyme is only sold in modern supermarkets here in Jakarta and is not always available, I substituted thyme with kenikir. Kenikir grows abundantly in Indonesia, although it’s not a popular vegetable or herb in the urban areas.

So, you may follow the recipe originally posted by Scott and Chris at “the café sucre farine” website. Or you may substitute the ingredients, like I did, based on what is available and affordable where you are.



I also modified the way the dressing is prepared. Instead of just chopping the lemon minus the seeds (grown locally and known as organic Aussie lemon in Halim Agro Farm) and kenikir, I cut them in bigger portions and used the food processor. This resulted in a watery dressing before it’s refrigerated. So although chopping takes time, it will allow you to have the taste of the chopped lemon and kenikir more.


If this dressing with VCO is used on the same day it’s prepared, there is a coconut aftertaste. But if you place it overnight in the refrigerator and use it the next day, the coconut aftertaste seem to disappear and your dressing tastes…you try to find out for yourself. When I tasted it, as if I could “smell” a bouquet of flowers.

It’s more than a salad dressing. You can also use it as a dip for your fish and meat.


Chopped whole lemon with skin on and garlic added with water is a popular drink for those who have heart ailments.

So, this dressing will not only make your salad tastes great but will also provide you with benefits for a more healthful life.

To spare you a long blog post, you may read about why coconut is healthy for you in my bother, oops, brother-in-law’s book, Coconut Oil, From Diet to Therapy which was recently translated to Indonesian, Minyak Kelapa, Untuk Makanan, Diet, Kosmetik dan Kesehatan.


Available now!


You may also visit Dr. Bruce Fife’s website at:  http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org

Featured image credit:  CC0 via Pixabay

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