Frozen-Banana Ice Cream — A Healthier Option to Sugar-laden Es Kepal Milo

Jakarta is bracing itself for the Es Kepal Milo fever which started from the neighboring country, Malaysia. LINE news feed reported on the long queue that customers have to endure just to get a taste of this shaved ice which is cone-shaped with syrup topping made of Milo and chocolate power with condensed milk.

Please click on this link to read a related article published in The Jakarta Post

The fasting month is just around the corner and this drink/dessert might become the favorite entree to break the fast.  Unfortunately, you can just imagine the amount of sugar contained in each serving.  Milo and condensed milk are already sweet and most would add toppings such as cookies.

There is a healthier option that you can easily prepare for your family.  There are many varieties of bananas in Indonesia and it is the most affordable fruit because of its abundance all around us.  Plus it bears fruit all year round.  Also, the best bananas to use for this healthy dessert are the ones that are already very ripe.  Usually, there are more bananas that we can finish so instead of throwing away these almost rotten bananas, you can put them inside the freezer. When you are ready for homemade ice cream, just blend a couple of peeled frozen bananas with yogurt or milk in a food processor.  Then you can immediately enjoy a refreshing serving of banana ice cream.

fullsizeoutput_2913 Frozen and Cut-up Cavendish  Bananas or Pisang Ambon

Frozen strawberries can also be added for a more pinkish/reddish color, although some children might find the ice cream a little bit sour.  Adults might like it better so the ice cream will not be too sweet.  Frozen bananas tend to be very sweet.

Be different.  Make your own healthy ice cream!

♥Thank you to my sister, Pinky, for editing and providing important suggestions♥


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