Juice first thing in the morning

One good habit that we can start is drinking juice first thing in the morning.

For busy moms and dads, you may pare and/or cut up fruits in small pieces, then store them in the refrigerator the night before you need to drink your juice. If you want to prepare for a week, you may freeze them in small containers.  Then, put the cut-up pieces in your food processor for blending in the morning.

For my favorite fruits such as guava and terong belanda (tamarillo), I have to add water to the fruit pieces before blending.  Then I strain to remove the seeds before enjoying the juice…  Hahaha, I know this is simply common sense but after being exposed to technospeak, I realize I have to write down everything. ♥♥♥

Have fun preparing and drinking your juice!

♥♥♥Thanks to my sister, Pinky, for editing this write up ♥♥♥

Update: After taking juice first thing in the morning for years, I have given up the habit and went back to the common practice of my childhood days when fruit was eaten instead of being made into juice.

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