Rainbow-colored meals

Sharing with you some pictures of colorful food you can prepare for yourself or your family.

Cut up pieces of fruits and vegetables

I just visited Jacob Olesen’s website, Color-Meanings.com, and got the following information regarding the benefits that we can get from eating colorful fruits and vegetables.

Red fruits and vegetables contain lycopene and it’s a powerful antioxidant being investigated for cancer and heart attack prevention. One fruit that stands out with the color red is the dragon fruit, which is now abundantly available in Jakarta and a lot more affordable. Just few years ago, the fruit was only available in few modern supermarkets and there were two versions, white and red. Now, only the red ones prevailed. This is true for guava too. Guava with red flesh became popular when it was known to help patients with dengue fever recover faster because the fruit is rich in calcium and minerals (hellosehat.com)

Green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll and isothiocyanate known to reduce carcinogenic agents from the liver.  My favorite green vegetables is kenikir (Cosmos caudatus Kunth), which is also known as Ulam raja in Melayu or Malaysia   (circ.farmasi.ugm.ac.id) .  I eat it raw or dip it in boiling water for few minutes.  It is easy to grow.  The discarded stems can be planted and small leaves would appear after few days. It has beautiful flowers too.

Kenikir with lovely flowers

Yellow-orange vegetables are rich in beta carotene, which is abundant in Vitamin A and retinol to keep you young (prevent wrinkles and acne).  When I was a child, my mom used to tell me that if I eat my squash and carrots I will have good vision.  In a way this is true.  I only started wearing reading glasses in my late 30s or early 40s.

Blue and purple vegetables and fruits get their colors from anthocyanin.  It is an  antioxidant that is beneficial for our heart.  My favorite vegetable in this category is eggplant.  I just fry small slices of  two or three eggplants in coconut oil and then add a spoonful each of soy sauce and vinegar.  I also steam purple and yellow sweet potatoes as shown in the picture below.


Green-yellow fruits and vegetables are rich in lutein which is good for our eyes.  Avocado and spinach fall under this category.  They are abundant in Indonesia.  Avocado is also known to increase good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL) (www.verywell.com).

I use home-made dressing (to be shared in my next blog) or Gado-gado paste (brand:  Enak Eco) for my mixed vegetables and fruits.

Let’s have fun feeding our bodies with colorful meals of fruits and vegetables provided by nature.  There is now greater supply of organic vegetables and fruits in season so being healthy is within reach of everyone.




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